With your help the Life-Giving Water Fund can drill wells in rural Zambia that will invigorate and fundamentally change the lives of the children of my homeland!  Every day thousands of women and children in rural Zambia walk many miles to collect water that will sustain them and their families.  Consequently, they are not able to spend as much time receiving an education that would enable them to reach their full potential in life.  The deep wells provided by the Life-Giving Water Fund provide a clean water source that vastly improves the health of the children of Zambia.  Contaminated water is a primary source of life-threatening illnesses. 

We also know that lives of women in Zambia are changed dramatically when they are relieved of the daily burden of securing water for their families.  Women are empowered when we provide a well for their villages because they have more time to care for the needs of their families and to actively farm to raise vegetables that they can eat to improve their diet and that can be sold to produce income.

Yes, I know the people of Zambia quite well.  I was born in the village of Kachengo which is about 10 miles west of Pemba in the Southern Province of Zambia. My upbringing is rooted in a Christian foundation as both my parents were active members in the local Apostolic Church. I come from a farming family where we grew our own food and raised domestic animals for farming, food and additional income.

I continue to look back to my childhood with extremely happy and fond memories. Sports, church and school were all very prominent in my youth. I played soccer and enjoyed athletics, javelin in particular. I attended Nkandela Primary School which was 4 -5 miles away from home but I never thought of the distance as a problem since I didn't know any other way. I am fortunate that I was gifted in school and through hard work I graduated from high school with very good grades that earned me a full scholarship to study Chemical Engineering in the United Kingdom.

After graduating from the University of Manchester Institute Science and Technology, I returned to Zambia to work for the copper mining company that gave me a scholarship. The education that I received has enabled me to secure a life and career that I never could have fathomed in my youth.  I now live in Washington Crossing, PA, where I have found peace and comfort to raise my children and further develop my Christian values.  My continuing education has enabled me to learn and develop a deep sense of appreciation for my background. I have depended on my Christian values to guide me in finding ways of staying connected to Zambia.

Four years ago my family let me know that a prolonged drought threatened not only their livelihood but also that of thousands of others in our community.  I resolved to arrange the drilling of a well so that the area could once again flourish.  Since then, it has become increasingly clear that I can make a difference by working on projects to provide clean water for rural communities in Zambia. Clean water, a basic necessity for mankind, is a very scarce resource in most of the rural areas of Africa. In my youthful days I remember spending half a day going to the river, five miles away, to get our clean water. We would leave our house at 5 am in the morning and return home at 12 noon and we would repeat the trip 2 or 3 days later.  It is true that charity begins at home and in my case charity is my youthful memories. Clean water is health, and quality time for the youth of tomorrow.

The Life-Giving Water Fund has enabled others to support my vision of providing clean, fresh water for the children of Zambia.  Although our mission is young, we have already fundamentally improved the lives of thousands of my fellow Zambians by completing just three water projects!  I can only envision what a powerful impact many more well projects will have in communities just like mine that experience the devastating affects of prolonged droughts.

Thanks for your support of this critically important mission!