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There are so many needs in the world today.  Why should I support LGWF?


There is no better way for you to directly impact the lives of thousands of people with your donation.  The LGWF will provide specific information about the wells we have drilled each year. You will know that your gift will fundamentally impact the health and welfare of the children of Zambia.


Why should I support LGWF, when international relief organizations support water projects in Africa? 


LGWF will sink deep wells (approximately 200 feet deep) that are lined as compared to the shallow, less expensive wells that are often provided by international relief organizations. Despite the best efforts of larger relief organizations, many people from small villages must walk over 5 miles to get water from the few deep wells that have been drilled. Shallow wells are useless during the midst of severe droughts. Deep wells tap into underground water tables that are less susceptible to the effects of droughts. 


What is the most urgent need in Zambia, food or water? 


Both food and water are in short supply. International relief organizations like UMCOR have the infrastructure to provide large shipments of food. The food they provide, however, is mostly in the form of bulk grain and cereals, because there is less spoilage. Water is needed for cooking and personal hygiene and ultimately provides a resource that people can use to raise their own fruits and vegetables, which they can consume or sell. Water also provides a means of maintaining their livestock. 


How does LGWF actually provide wells in Zambia? 


We utilize a competitive bidding process to contract with drilling companies in Zambia that have the equipment needed to dig lined, deep wells (boreholes) in rural communities.  We have a partnership with a non-governmental organization that coordinates with village leaders and the drillers.


How long does it take from the time a location for a well is selected until people are able to draw water? 


The process of identifying a suitable location within each community, moving the drilling equipment into place, and actual drilling is influenced primarily by the timing of decisions reached between the village leaders and our NGO partners, driller schedules, weather conditions, and the accessibility of the site. 


Is my donation tax deductible? 


Yes, all donations are tax deductible because King Baudouin Foundation, U.S. is a 501.c3 non-profit organization.